How I got My Adsense Approved After Being Rejected 3 Times (In Depth) For Newbies

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Its Again been a long since I wrote a post on this blog , Iam Gone pretty lazy these days Pardon me for that . So Today iam going to talk about the one of most discussed topic in Blogging World ie The Approval of Google Adsense . In Case you have just started your blog and just waiting for your adsense to be Approved then . This Post is just for your . Even if you dont know What is Adsense , How actually is the process that we can earn money and things dont¬†worry I ll explain this from roots and Share my 3 times rejection Experience so that you may ¬†not experience that and correct the mistakes done by me that may be the cause of Rejection . Doesnt¬†Matter Whether your blog is based on WordPress or Blogger . So Without any further due lets Get Started ūüôā


Can I Actually Make Money online ? What is Adsense ?

So Now a days People Earning Money Online is Growing like hell Coz Who wants Work Under Someone and Follow their rules and Regulations . If you got talent you can be your Own Boss . So Online Money thing is I ll Explain with example later make you Understand it more Clear So If you Watch Television you might be watching some Particular show on some particular Channel So That Channel guy doesnt get paid if you just they show rather they get paid because you also some Ads during their some particular Show interval Dont you ? So it Goes Same way with youtube too . On youtube, Channel People get paid not for their content but you seeing ads while watching their Content , If you browse website on internet for quite some time you might have seen some ads on website ads too , Some ads might have Even Attracted you and you happen to click on them thus Website guy gets paid because of you . No Matter What ads from Google Adsense , Infolinks , Bing the paying process is same . So In Case of Google Adsense Google Takes Money From Companies who Wish you get their Products or Website Promoted . So Google Uses its publishers to do that and intern pay you some of Revenue . By Now you might have understood How you will be paid for your Content indirectly .

PS : If your arent Newbie just  Skip the Next Paragraph

Why Just Google Adsense ?

(Source :Google Images)

Yeah, Exactly We have many Companies Out there Who Provide this Service just like Google paying for your content indirectly . There are many companies like Infolinks , Bings ,etc . I prefer Google Adsense Because Google is Smart . Why Smart ? Because Google Ads shown On your blog depends on the type of Visitor you have here the  Type of Visitor means that Google Tracks its Users and Gets information Of User and Display Revalent Ads on your Blog . For Example, If you before were Searching for Some Random Companies Shoes and left Searching or even you might have bought it , Later Landed some Website Searching even for Some Other Stuff Google Just Displays the Shoes Ads so that user Might get Attracted and Click on them . So its kinda Profit for you as well as for Google Also . So With Google Adsense, you have good Chances of getting your ads clicked

Any Blogging Mantra I follow ?

(Source : Google Images)

I Don’t know much How Other Pro Bloggers have Their Mantra . but the way I think is that Once I happen to see Youtube Video of MKBHD . Someone Asked him tips for Growing of their Youtube Channel , He just shared some things from his back days when he was Small Youtuber , He used to Compare number of Videos with number Subscribers like for 100 Videos he had just subscribers not even above 100 So In Case of Blogging Just do the same Never quit Try Doing even you may not earn money later you get to know your Mistakes and Correct them and Thus Maker Money Later on . If you have just started not because of your hobby just because you want to make money and think to make money online is damn Easy Your Wrong my Friend . So here’s the Mantra Content is Always the King

Great Content = Good Visitors = Good Views/clicks = $

Now You got to know What is Myntra for making money . Now your following Stuff with Your Effort . You just need to get your Adsense Approved.

How to get Adsense Approved in First Attempt ?

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Now you bought a Domain and Hosted it on Some Hosting Company Paid or free Doesnt matterand installed WordPress on your blog or just hosted your blog on Blogger and Mapped the servername . Now You just Make it Look Professional as much as possible it may be Theme or Arrangement of Widgets on your Blog . and Make Sure your Write your own Copyright 4 to 5 Articles At least of 1000+ Words having Good Quality Images in them  and Make sure you have Pages like Contact us , Disclaimer , About us . Arrange your Posts into particular Categories . If Possible make a Facebook Page for your blog and add widget of like us on your blog . and also make surre that your have Indexed to Google Search Console , If Dont You Dont Just go to Url Clickhere and Sign in with your gmail and paste your website Url and Submit it and Later Submit your Adsense Approval Request to Google (clickhere) . And Make Sure your blog is itleast a month old . Then your Good to go . Iam sure You ll get your adsense approved . Even Now you dont Try to make some Modifications and submit again and get Approved

Cheers Mate

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India Guy Made IronMan Suit Just for 750$ ( Watch here)

Many Of Us like Ironman Don’t we ? But instead of Imagining About the Design and Its Capabilities¬†Why Can’t we just try to make Something of its kind Sounds Cool !! Right ?

Well Someone Did that Already !!! That an Indian From Kerala ūüôā

(Source : Google Images )

Who Built It ?

(Source : Google Images )

A  Mechanical Engineer Named Vimal Govin Manikandan From Calicut University Has tried it Practically . Well, he has Watched Movies Of Ironman , Avatar and Wanted to built something that comes under it . He along with Team Made an exoskeleton on the tight budget that is around 750 $ .


 What is the use of  it ?

(Source : Google Images)

Well, its a kind of Exoskeleton which mostly made by Military and Technology Funded Universities . These Machines or Robot might be helpful for Army , Military , even Common People in Either way . We Humans and Robots can Work Together and make wonders . For Now, Robots are mostly Used in Factories to work which might be Harmful to Human or Bored ones . We Can’t even imagine it Capabilities if we work Together .

What Can This One Do ?

Well, This Guys Were inspired by Both Ironman and Avatar Characters . So they ExoSkeleton Weights about 100 kilograms and Can Walk and Even Lift Weight about 150 kilograms and yeah it can’t just fly like ironman Suit Does . From Now these just by Using their Mechanical Engineering Knowledge and Internet Help Built this one . Vimal Also Added It’s Difficult for a Normal Person to wear a Suit which is Around 100 kilograms , It’s their First Version of Suit and Said they are Working on it to Reduce it Weight and Make it Moves Quite Easy .

What Did They Later ?

Now They didn’t just Stop After Building it . They made a paper on they Project to International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and Presented it Before American’s Society of ¬†Research

Well, it’s just a Start for them they are trying make it better further . Let’s Hope they Make We Indians Proud and Reach Heights and Expect Something More Helpful Further

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Moto M Launch in India | Specs | Price

Indian smartphone market has experience great shifts in recent days. In India customers have seen almost everything starting from Freedom 251 (Rs. 251 smartphone) and extending till iPhone, Samsung, Sony etc flagship models. They have seen free smartphones schemes like Captain Smart Connect Smartphone also (free smartphones will be provided to students under this scheme) Indian smartphone market is open to all kind of devices and makers are glad about it. Moto is soon going to launch its 5.5 inch variant Moto M in Indian market very soon. Here in this article we will be looking at complete insights when Moto M will be launched in India, what all features will it have and what will be its initial launch price.

Moto M Specifications

(Source : Google Images)

(Source : Google Images)

Moto M was launched in China earlier this month. It is a medium range smartphone from Moto that is aimed at competitive markets like India. Company has ensured not to leave any stone untouched when it comes of providing high quality specs under small budget roof. Talking about the specifications then Moto M houses a 5.5 inches full HD resolution with quality 1920×1080 pixels resolution and Super AMOLED screen/glass. Viewing angles are good and vibrancy is at its par.

It houses a powerful processor circuitry with 2.2 GHz Octa Core processor having MediaTek Helio P15 chipset molded with 4GB RAM and Mali T860 PM2 GPU. Processor is something that makes it a beast and will allow you to enjoy all sort of heavy tasks flawlessly. Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is installed on Moto M which in coming months will surely be upgraded to latest versions like Android 7 Nougat (we will update you about same when official sources confirm on it).

It is going to be a power house in terms of memory and camera features. 32 GB internal memory with option of 128 GB expandability is there which seems to be enough for all usual tasks. This dual SIM smartphone (nano + nano/micro SIMs) hosts a 16 MP rear and 8 MP front facing quality cameras. Rear camera is attached with dual LED flash with f/2.0 focus length whereas front facing camera is provided with 85 degrees wide angles lens that helps clicking high quality pictures without any extra efforts.

It is a 4G VoLTE smartphone that comes with WiFi, fingerprint sensor, 3.5 audio jack and Bluetooth support.

Launch date and price of Moto M in India

Going with the Chinese trend (where this medium range smartphone was launched for 1999 Yuan), we can expect it to be launched with price tag of approx. 20,000 in India. It might be launched in India sometime during first week of December 2016.

Stay tuned as we will share all details related to Moto M in India here.

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What is End to End Encryption ? How does it work ? Are You Protected ?

Well, If your an Internet Person who Does Many things online such as shopping , Social Networking , etc . You might have heard of end to end Encryption. Even if your¬†familiar with Whatsapp Platform to exchange messages , audio and even video call now a days uses end to end encryption. Even if you haven’t heard about this don’t worry , we will be learning about this right from its roots .

So What is End to End Encryption ?

The Conversion of Plain text to cypher text or you may say some random generated letters or even numbers is called Encryption.

So What do We Need it ?

(Source : Google Images )

(Source : Google Images )

If you happen to share your personal information with someone and ¬†you don’t want anyone else to know this then we need to encrypt it so that no one does can understand what you were talking about. Whom do you think are those who actually wants to know your personal information shared? It might be some Hackers , Government or some Intelligent agencies so that you might save and use your data for their own benefits . If your just wondering its just plain text why do we need ¬†have a such security in it ? well , That text would be anything your Facebook password , Some Secret Army Missions , your Bank Account details , etc


How does it work ?   

(Source : Google Images)

(Source : Google Images)

So, Basically When Someone Lets say a person X and Y Were Talking Some Secret among themselves in end to end encryption security . When X types a message on his/her PC/Phone and sends it to Y then the Y PC/mobile sends a PUBLIC KEY to X Computer and with that key X Message will be Encrypted and Locked and thus it gets served to Y in encrypted form via servers . Now Y Pc/phone will have something Called PRIVATE KEY . Which is the only one key that can change encrypted message to plain text one.

The Best Thing About this security is that not even Employees of Facebook can read or understand the message if you consider X and Y were using facebook to exchange messages .

Some Say that Conversion of plain text to some random letter is just replacing last three alphabets (X,Y,Z) to first ones ( A,B,C)

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = xyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvw

How to find whether the Site is End to End encrypted ? 

(Source : Google Images)

(Source : Google Images)

When you visit any website you wish to check whether its end to end encrypted or not . When you look at the URL Bar of the website , If you see a Lock symbol at the beginning of Url or if the site is having https:// Extension to it then that mean it has some or the other security enabled in it .

Is End to End 100% Secured ?

Like Nothing can be perfect there are actually some ways that hacker , Spy have been using it to get the data from users . Yet Companies are trying their best to find the bugs and improve them as well

How Do Companies like Amazon , Flipkart Save your Bank Account details ? Is It Safe ?

Well just like this process these online Companies to convert your Bank Account details to something called hash . Which basically means same like cyphertext.

Conclusion : 

It’s always better to end to end encryption¬†even if your not sharing any personal information, Have all the apps you be updated because Companies might have found some bugs and even fixed them in next update and you being in older version might face some problems or even get hacked and not to post each and everything you do online ¬†For Now, you can Facebook End to End encryption in secret conversation in messenger and in Whatsapp If yours and Receipt has an updated version of WhatsApp if you will have end to end encryption enabled






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What is JPG,TIF,GIF,PNG,EPS Image formats? Which one is best Format ? How to Convert ?

Well In this Computers Dominant world we come across several Images either on the internet or your PC or phone or billboards or something. So there are many kinds, or you may say format of images we come across on a daily basis and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. So in this post, we will be telling the types of images and difference between them and also recommend you the type suitable for a particular purpose and Also how to convert them.

Note: Here will be Covering Image Format PNG, EIF, GIF, PNG, EPS

What is JPG?

JPG: Joint Photographic Experts Group

This Image format is capable of producing image supporting millions of colours and its compact and can be compressed to any other format with some minor loss in quality than its original one, as it can be compressed its suitable for the online website like Facebook, etc. where the images are compressed in order make website load fast. So with this format, you might find minor changes, and this is not okay sharp edge or text type image

What is TIF?

TIFF: Tagged Image Format File

Like JPG this Image format is also capable of producing image supporting millions of colours , what makes this unique is that there is no colour loss while compress and changing its format to another one¬†since there is no colour loss while compressing the file size remains same or changes a little which is not Good if you have to upload it on your website as it might slow down your site and some sites don’t support image of this format.This picture can be viewed with some application, not by any image viewer.

What is GIF?

GIF: Graphic Interchange Format

Nowadays you must have heard a lot about this right? Because of Twitter and Facebook started supporting this image format. The fact is that it supports only 256 Colours. And can easily compress that the reason online websites like Facebook, Twitter support it. It is not okay when it comes to designing of a logo or something with this file format because colours other than 256 may look washed away and not so accurate. Moreover, GIF Files are engaging because it has a video like Effect on it and it loops it

What is PNG?

PNG: Portable Network Graphics

Well, this one is quite famous among other because it’s largely used online. Yes even this format supports millions of colours and can be compressed easily without losing much quality and it’s even suitable for images like Text, Transparency unlike other ones this can only be used online and can be opened by some applications and people can’t view this image format if they are using downgraded browsers like Internet Explorer 6, etc.

What is EPS?

EPS: Encapsulated PostScript

Well, this image format is not so common. But with this picture format, Images can scale by any size, unlike JPG which loses quality and detail while scaling well this doesn’t¬†lose any. Can be used for logos which can also put up on billboards. This image can only be opened with the help of Graphic design Software like Photoshop, EPS:, etc


Print, Merchandise, signage.

GIFS: Online Diagrams, Charts, Images

TIFF: High Detailed images

JPG: Online Pictures, print

PNG: Online (only)

How to Convert Images Format:

Well, for .there are many converters you may use based on format your looking for. I use this Online tool and offline software to convert.

Online Tool: link

offline Software: link


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