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Why To Skip Bharti Airtel Online Store Iphone 7 Downpayment Offer!

Why To Skip Bharti Airtel Online Store Iphone 7 Downpayment Offer!

by mohammedsaifaliOctober 17, 2017

If you’re Indian, You probably know, How JIO Telecom changed the scenario of every other telecom companies. Companies which offered plans at higher price forcefully had to cut it down in order to survive in the market and somehow they’re trying to get back up by their new offerings and new marketing tragedies. Amongst those companies comes Bharti Airtel too, trying really hard to get back up in telecom market.

Coming to point of Airtel’s Online Store:


If you’re familiar with companies like Sprint, Orange, AT&T. They offer Company specific SIM locked premium phones from various manufacturers with quick and affordable down payments options including cheap postpaid plans that offer benefit to both company and customer.


While in India, There is no such company which does the same, So in order to bring something new to market and make profit of it in a market dominated by JIO, Airtel  recently launched its online store which offers the same services like AT&T, Sprint Companies do, That is Premium phone at downpayments, Instant credit card verification financing and Bundled  Postpaid monthly plans.

For Now, Airtel’s Online Store is Offering iPhone 7 32GB at down payment of Rs 7,777 and EMI of 2,499/month for 24 Months,  iPhone 7 128GB at down payment of Rs 16,300 and EMI 2,499/month for 24 months, iPhone 7 plus 32GB at downpayment of Rs 17,300 and EMI 2,499/month for 24 months and iPhone 7 Plus 128GB at downpayment of Rs Rs 26,000 and EMI 2,499/month for 24 months.


Sounds good enough? But wait, There are some myths to consider!!

So, Why should you skip Airtel’s Online Store Deal?

Just by Looking at the numbers it might sound like a steal deal considering you can the device on hands just by paying a little amount in beginning but it’s not worth it


  •  If you do a little math with the numbers, you’ll find you’re just paying a huge amount for the little offering provided with the phone.
  • The Phone you’re getting is AIRTEL SIM locked meaning you just can’t insert any other SIM in it, Even if you do it won’t work
  • You will have to stick with Airtel Sim no matter how pricing go in future
Current pricing on Flipkart

Current pricing on Flipkart

Want to know how much loss you’ll be getting if you get any of the phone mentioned above? lazy to do math by yourself? No problem we got you covered.

NOTE: EMI Rs 2,499 comes with 30GB Data plan+ Unlimited Calling+ Damage Protection for every model mentioned above, but anyone who owns an Airtel SIM can get the all the extra offerings apart from damage protection at price of  Rs 650/Month. So If we remove that from 2,499 it makes Effective EMI Cost of 1850/month. that makes around Rs 44,400 for 24 months.
So Total Cost you pay is Downpayment Price+44,400.
MODEL Down Payment EMI (Includ 30GB/month Plan) Final Price by End of 2 Years-15600 Current Price Loss
iPhone 7 ( 32GB) Rs 7,777 2,499/month For 2 years RS 52,177 RS 38,999 RS 13,178
iPhone 7 ( 128 GB) Rs 16,300 2,499/month For 2 years RS 60,700 Rs. 49,999 RS 10,701
iPhone 7 Plus ( 32GB) Rs 17,300 2,499/month For 2 years RS 61,700 RS 55,999 RS 5,701
iPhone 7 Plus ( 128GB) Rs 26,000 2,499/month For 2 years RS 70,400 Rs 59,999 RS 10,401
 You see, Even if we remove the expense of extra services, There is a huge loss from a point of view of a customer who’s buying it provided the SIM locked Condition makes it even worse!


We don’t say every product might come for sale on airtel online store is a loss for a customer there might be good deals coming up too, but as per now, there is. You might have observed loss in iPhone 7 plus 32GB is quite less compared to others provided all the monthly payment option might be a good deal for some people
, however, as per now we don’t recommend you buying anything from airtel online store considering some banks are providing same services at affordable pricing, Make Sure you check with you’re bank accordingly.
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