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AliBaba Launches Tmall AliGenie X1 Voice-Activated Speaker ( Genie AI)

AliBaba Launches Tmall AliGenie X1 Voice-Activated Speaker ( Genie AI)

by mohammedsaifaliJuly 5, 2017

Artificial Intelligence better known as AI is the hot trend nowadays, Added It has a lot of potential for future Technology and has various applications right from Chat bots to our household equipment. After Amazon’s Success with it’s Amazon Eco, a voice activated speaker with Alexa as its assistant back in 2014, Every tech giant has put their step forward into the market of voice activated speakers with their own virtual assistants though they existed before, they were limited just to voice recognition and couple of internal controls one such is Alibaba’s Tmall AliGenie x1

Smart Speaker’s Run.

Now, In the market crowded by Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple’s Homepod Alibaba just launched Tmall Genie X1 Speaker with Genie as their AI today at Drum towers in Beijing.

AliGenie Tmall X1 Voice Activated Speaker.

Source: Google Images

As per the initial impressions are concerned, it does kinda resemble Google Home but unlike Google Home, it doesn’t have a replaceable base that being said we can’t customize it as per our own liking. For now, it’s available in white and black color options and Since it being the first it’s kind of Smart speakers from Alibaba the Giant e-commerce Website it is equipped with the aligenie system which makes shopping from Alibaba simpler and easier. It is said to go on sale from 8 August 2017 (China Exclusive) for the price of  $73 for its first 1000 customer ( month trial) later will rise up to 180$ which is quite low when compared to Apple’s Homepad which costs 349$. Yes, It does everything you expect from voice activated speaker like casting music, news, making list, adding reminders, shopping,weather, etc.

AliGenie Tmall X1 Specifications.

Speaking of its Specs Aligenie x1 is powered MediaTek MT851 voice chip which is commonly used by smart speakers, it is clocked at 1.3GHZ ( Cortex A53) with Bluetooth 4.0 and wifi connectivity though it does not have any display and shall work as far as 5m away


Since AliGenie X1 is China exclusive product and does only support Chinese, for now, it will hard to get it hands on.  For a company to stand out from the crowd will have to make product available internationally and must support different languages, we hope Alibaba does it in future.

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