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October 19, 2017

FIX: Jio Calling Not Working/Not Connecting/Offline For Non VOLTE Phones.

With JIO Telecomm being dominant in the telecom industry and happen to offer quite satisfactory plans for a very affordable price, Everyone has either ported their SIM to JIO or have bought New JIO SIM. In the Initial days of its launch of JIO People bought a jio sim just because it was offering free internet and unlimited calling now, even that free offer has gone people have stuck to JIO just because of its high-speed internet and unlimited calling which was expensive back then ,People had to recharge separately for both calling/messaging and internet but major concern of JIO Users now a day is Jio calling not working?

Having all these good sides has bad sides too so does [...]

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October 17, 2017

Why To Skip Bharti Airtel Online Store Iphone 7 Downpayment Offer!

If you’re Indian, You probably know, How JIO Telecom changed the scenario of every other telecom companies. Companies which offered plans at higher price forcefully had to cut it down in order to survive in the market and somehow they’re trying to get back up by their new offerings and new marketing tragedies. Amongst those companies comes Bharti Airtel too, trying really hard to get back up in telecom market.

Coming to point of Airtel’s Online Store:


If you’re familiar with companies like Sprint, Orange, AT&T. They offer Company specific SIM locked premium phones from various manufacturers with quick and affordable down payments [...]

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July 31, 2017

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators To Come With Android 8.1?

We all love stock Android experience for both its UI and performance, don’t we? That minimal stock look, That no bloatware apps installed which suck up your battery, That frequent/Early updates may be that’s one of the reasons for that massive demand and sale of Nexus/Google Devices  Right? but will you believe that there are few such things which aren’t available on devices having near to STOCK ANDROID SOFTWARE? Not Right! but there the whole bunch of things/features which are restricted to stock Android software. One such thing is Bluetooth Battery level indicators!  users have been requesting for this feature for so long yet Google hasn’t really done [...]

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July 17, 2017

DRL’s RacerX Sets Guinness Record For Fastest Drone!

When we speak of innovating Technology one of the first things that come to mind is Drone, Right? They are different kinds of drone available, Ranging right from the photography/Video Ones to Racing ( Sports) ones. As each of them serves a different purpose so does they’re built differs. Photography drone or quad copter have their 4 motors set in X shape to provide maximum hovering, While Racing ( Sports) drones or quad copter are designed to move straight forward at maximum speed so their motors are set in H shape. Speaking specifically of racing drones they are many organizations formed who conduct drone races, Organizations like Drone racing league provide their own drone [...]

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