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Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators To Come With Android 8.1?

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators To Come With Android 8.1?

by mohammedsaifaliJuly 31, 2017

We all love stock Android experience for both its UI and performance, don’t we? That minimal stock look, That no bloatware apps installed which suck up your battery, That frequent/Early updates may be that’s one of the reasons for that massive demand and sale of Nexus/Google Devices  Right? but will you believe that there are few such things which aren’t available on devices having near to STOCK ANDROID SOFTWARE? Not Right! but there the whole bunch of things/features which are restricted to stock Android software. One such thing is Bluetooth Battery level indicators!  users have been requesting for this feature for so long yet Google hasn’t really done anything regarding.


But Wait !! According to the discovery of XDA, They saw few API’s in AOSP ( Android Open Source Project) regarding Bluetooth battery level indicators. On having closer look at APIs They saw google added a new method called getBatterylevel() in Bluetooth Device Class. Which is said, To extract the data from our connected Bluetooth devices and gives us output in terms of -1 to 100 where -1 indicates either the Bluetooth is not set up or device isn’t supported. Not only it does give data regarding the battery percentage but also notifies users as the battery level changes.

Bluetooth Battery level indicators

Source: Google Images

This whole thing might be a win for the nexus/pixel users but as of now this feature has been available for years to users of Custom ROMS and third party OEM devices. Even The Companies like Apple the super competitor of Android has this feature for so long. Although they are couple of third party apps which do the same but data extracted isnt quite accurate and their funtionality limited

Bluetooth Battery level indicators

Source: XDA

While its win-win game for all users of android, As per the developers point of view its a blessing that google shall include the final finished API on AOSP making developers to built their own applications using this technology.

So After knowing all of these you might be wondering, When is it coming? or How long will you have to wait? So speaking of stock android software users this feature isnt coming soon with it’s new upcoming Android 8.0 because it’s final preview is available for BETA TESTERS and they havent seen any such feature. so most probably this feature will either be available with android version 8.1 or 9.0 but in case you’re not a stock android software user, Say you own devices of companies like Samsung, LG, Huawei, OnePlus, or Xiaomi, Go ahead root your phone and install a custom ROM and have this feature like Right Now!

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