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October 21, 2017

Xiaomi Mi 5X price in India with specifications!Is it worth?

Looking for Xiaomi Mi 5X price in India?Right? The device ‘Xiaomi Mi 5X’ is highly inspired and similar to iPhone 7 plus which it has a dual camera with dual LED flash.So what is Xiaomi Mi? Is it a private smartphone company?Yes,  Xiaomi is Chinese smartphone and a privately own company which was founded in 2010 and it not only designs smartphones but also it sells other consumer electronic devices. The word ‘MI’ means mobile Internet and the company sells more than 60 millions of devices in many countries in the year 2014.

Xiaomi Mi 5X

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Today Xiaomi has become a global brand by expanding their branches [...]

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July 31, 2017

Bluetooth Battery Level Indicators To Come With Android 8.1?

We all love stock Android experience for both its UI and performance, don’t we? That minimal stock look, That no bloatware apps installed which suck up your battery, That frequent/Early updates may be that’s one of the reasons for that massive demand and sale of Nexus/Google Devices  Right? but will you believe that there are few such things which aren’t available on devices having near to STOCK ANDROID SOFTWARE? Not Right! but there the whole bunch of things/features which are restricted to stock Android software. One such thing is Bluetooth Battery level indicators!  users have been requesting for this feature for so long yet Google hasn’t really done [...]

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July 17, 2017

DRL’s RacerX Sets Guinness Record For Fastest Drone!

When we speak of innovating Technology one of the first things that come to mind is Drone, Right? They are different kinds of drone available, Ranging right from the photography/Video Ones to Racing ( Sports) ones. As each of them serves a different purpose so does they’re built differs. Photography drone or quad copter have their 4 motors set in X shape to provide maximum hovering, While Racing ( Sports) drones or quad copter are designed to move straight forward at maximum speed so their motors are set in H shape. Speaking specifically of racing drones they are many organizations formed who conduct drone races, Organizations like Drone racing league provide their own drone [...]

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July 5, 2017

AliBaba Launches Tmall AliGenie X1 Voice-Activated Speaker ( Genie AI)

Artificial Intelligence better known as AI is the hot trend nowadays, Added It has a lot of potential for future Technology and has various applications right from Chat bots to our household equipment. After Amazon’s Success with it’s Amazon Eco, a voice activated speaker with Alexa as its assistant back in 2014, Every tech giant has put their step forward into the market of voice activated speakers with their own virtual assistants though they existed before, they were limited just to voice recognition and couple of internal controls one such is Alibaba’s Tmall AliGenie x1

Smart Speaker’s Run.

Now, In the market crowded by Google Home, Amazon Echo, [...]

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