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DRL’s RacerX Sets Guinness Record For Fastest Drone!

DRL’s RacerX Sets Guinness Record For Fastest Drone!

by mohammedsaifaliJuly 17, 2017

When we speak of innovating Technology one of the first things that come to mind is Drone, Right? They are different kinds of drone available, Ranging right from the photography/Video Ones to Racing ( Sports) ones. As each of them serves a different purpose so does they’re built differs. Photography drone or quad copter have their 4 motors set in X shape to provide maximum hovering, While Racing ( Sports) drones or quad copter are designed to move straight forward at maximum speed so their motors are set in H shape. Speaking specifically of racing drones they are many organizations formed who conduct drone races, Organizations like Drone racing league provide their own drone and goggles for the pilot to race while other organizations like multigp give freedom to pilot to bring their own drone but categorize them according to their power, weight and various other factors. Though these organizations earn through the cost of tickets to the event and don’t usually get any such fundings But DRL got a funding of  $1 million from Miami Dolphins football team which led them to organize mainstream events and conduct fast-paced courses.

Drone Racing League Sets A Record.

Source: Google Images

With all the good things, Recently the engineer’s team at Drone Racing League ( DRL ) built and design a battery powered and remote controlled quad copter named RacerX

Unofficial and Official Speed Recorded.

Source: Google Images

Which ended getting a world record in Guinness for the fastest drone with top speed 163.5MPH at the time of recording both back and forth, though the team recorded its top speed 179MPH.

What CEO of DRL has to say.

“The record-setting RacerX represents the culmination of years of technological innovation by our team of world class engineers, and we’re very excited to unveil the fastest racing drone on earth,”Says CEO@DRL Nicholas Horbaczewski.

Speaking of Specs of DRL’s RacerX.

Built by Ryan Gury and Team.

  • Weight: 800 Grams
  • Power:  46,000 RPMs
  • Battery:1300mAh
  • Motors: TMotor F80 2407 2500kv
  • Top Speed 179MPH.

Watch RacerX Getting  Guinness World Record.

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