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Will Qualcomm’s Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Make It With Vivo?

Will Qualcomm’s Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Make It With Vivo?

by mohammedsaifaliJune 29, 2017

When it comes smartphone industry, Technology has been evaluating, whether it be the Xiaomi’s Bezzle Less MI Mix or Samsung’s Infinity Display. Until 2016, Bezzle less displays were just hype. We always had that chin to our smartphone to fit something, it might be the Fingerprint sensor or Dual Speakers But we always had our sweet spot for the fingerprint sensor. So In order to make that Bezzle less Display hype real smartphone manufacturers had to place that fingerprint sensor at weird locations making the users quite uncomfortable.

iPhone 8 Rumour to have Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor.

Source: Google Images

So we all were expecting that Top Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple to come up with a technology that could support under display fingerprint sensing. They were rumors that Apple was upcoming with such technology with its new flagship device iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s and with added features like Oled Display, Augmented Reality. Since This Technology is just a prototype Apple had to delay the launch of the phone, unlike its previous launch days.

VIVO Prototype of Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology.

Then, All of sudden we see Vivo pops up with its new Video Showing a preview of its upcoming phone that has Qualcomm’s  Under Display Fingerprint sensor technology with that bezzle less Display. It’s even showcasing the prototype of Qualcomm’s under display fingerprint sensor technology with VIVO XPlay 6 ( Prototype) at Mobile World Congress,Shanghai.

Qualcomm’s Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor.

Source: Google Images

Speaking of Qualcomm’s Under Display Fingerprint Sensor Technology. Under Display doesn’t mean they just put fingerprint sensor under the glass they put it right under the Display which is true innovation. Not Just Fingerprint sensing it does measure heart beat and blood flow. Unlike Our Current Smartphone fingerprint sensors, it does sense fingerprint even under water and does support gestures and wakes the phone up when the finger is placed. This Technology is future proof and is compatible with Snapdragon 630  mobile platforms and other non-snapdragon mobile platforms. speaking of figures, This technology is capable of scanning fingerprints through OLED Display up to 1.2mm(Thickness) , 0.80 mm of Glass and 0.65mm of aluminum and devices supporting this technology might launch in early 2018. So, We can expect iPhone 8 having the mobile platform with or Similar to Snapdragon 630 or higher.

“We are excited to announce Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors because they can be designed to support sleeker, cutting-edge form factors, unique mobile authentication experiences, and enhanced security authentication,” Seshu Madhavapeddy, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Qualcomm’s Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor Demo on VIVO XPLAY 6.

We are lucky to have Amit Bhawani from  PhoneRadar having us covered with the Demo of Qualcomm’s Under display fingerprint sensor right from Shanghai on his Youtube Channel.

Video Clearly Shows that It does take about 1 to 3 secs for the fingerprint to get scanned. However, we can bear with it because this technology is just at prototype stage they might be a lot of changes yet to made in it. for it being used for mass production. As Amit clearly stated that Viv0 Says fingerprint sensor shall work even if the screen is broken makes things sound promising as it might be the concern of every person before buying it.


As The Verge, Says Speed or Convenience. We either have to bear waiting for fingerprint sensor to scan our finger or have to get used to the awkward placing of fingerprint sensor at the back to enjoy that beautiful bezzle less display. we wish that Apple makes it before Vivo launches it’s prototype else Vivo will have the credit for bringing innovation.Even if the Vivo Fixes the time delay in scanning Concern is that what will be the price of it seeing the growing prices of Vivo Smartphone.

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